Data Privacy

As part of profiling tracking, affilinet GmbH and its affiliated advertising and technology partners store information on product or category pages visited. This serves the distribution of advertising banner with content that might interest you, which are for you of larger interest than not targeted advertisement.

Profiling Information

The technology of affilinet profiling enables companies to target consumers, who are in the process of purchasing products and services online, with relevant banner adverts. Due to profiling reasons, the collected data will be forwarded to the following technology partners:

  • The Reach Group GmbH (f.k.a. Redvertisment GmbH)

Your Status:

Currently, your profiling status is: Opt-In

Currently, your profiling status is: Opt-Out

Currently, your profiling status is: unknown

Privacy Contact

In case of any question regarding data privacy you are able to contact us via

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